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Kentucky Injury, ERISA, Life & Disability Insurance Lawyers

Our Mission

Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers in Kentucky can provide you a top disability insurance lawyer to handle cases anywhere across the United States that involves insurance disputes. We have REAL experience. Four (4) Kentucky ERISA disability insurance lawyers with over 70 years of combined experience. We have taken more insurance “bad faith” cases to a jury trial (13) than any other law firm in Kentucky. If you need a disability insurance lawyer or assistance with an injury or life insurance claim, you should call us for a free consultation. Below are some of the areas of insurance law we have helped people resolve.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Employers provide disability insurance for the employees, but many times when you can no longer work, the insurance company will deny the disability claim with a variety of excuses. They may say that you can work, even though your doctor advises you to no longer perform the job you had. Or they may claim that you can do another job that is less strenuous-one that you are not trained to do. Sometimes they have their own doctors review your medical records and dispute your treating doctor’s opinion, even though the insurance doctor has never met you! Our Kentucky ERISA disability insurance lawyer team takes on long-term disability cases and have helped injured plaintiffs recover tens of millions of dollars from insurance companies and other defendants around the United States.

Life Insurance Cases

Life insurance is purchased to protect your family when you die. But many times, the insurance company, after taking the premiums for years, will deny payment of the death benefit that the family needs. You can get help from one of our Kentucky life insurance lawyers. Or if you live in Ohio, we can provide an Ohio life insurance lawyer that can help you. Insurance policies are full of “exceptions” and “exclusions” that the insurance companies can use to deny your claim. If you live in Kentucky or Ohio, you may need a life insurance lawyer to help you. You may get a letter that says the death was not accidental-or that the application, signed years ago, had inaccurate information. Sometimes the insurance company will claim the death was part of a criminal act (speeding in a car) or was suicidal. Those defenses can be beaten many times. Hire Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers to put their experience to work for you. Call one of their Kentucky or Ohio life insurance lawyers for a free consultation.

Bad Faith Acts by Insurance Company

Sometimes the conduct by the insurance is so bad that it violates the law, entitling a person to sue for interest, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded to stop the insurance company from denying other claims for the same false reason. It protects all citizens from being treated unfairly. The conduct must demonstrate a reckless disregard for the person making the claim. Common examples include delaying payment for months for no reason, ignoring communications, making a ridiculously small offer, or requesting the same proof that they already have. Sometimes the adjusters are compensated to meet goals that are set by management to save money (even though they are bound by law to pay all claims fairly and promptly!) Our firm has, over the last 20 years won more jury trials on bad faith cases than any other firm in the state, and maybe the nation.

Homeowners Insurance Cases

Fire, tornadoes, storms, rain, and wind can all damage your home. Most often we see cases where the repair estimate is too low. Or the insurance company won’t pay for matching shingles or matching siding. Sometimes they will use a computer estimating software (Exactimate) that is much less than the real cost. We have even seen a case where they canceled a policy after the fire destroyed it simply because the owner let her adult son live there (the policy didn’t mention that being an exclusion). We have seen cases where the insurance cancels the policy retroactively (this is a technique called “post claim underwriting”). The excuse is that the insurance company was lied to on the application and would not have issued the policy had they known the truth. Many times, they already knew the true facts but ignored them, figuring they could collect the premiums and never worry about having to pay any claim. Other times they falsely claim the owner started the fire and want to delay the payment for years while they pour over financial records. They do have a right to take an “examination under oath” and you need to talk to us before you submit to such questioning. We fight passionately to get our clients paid what they deserve.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

These policies cover all kinds of mishaps, and losses. Many times, a business can suffer a “loss of income” from having its business temporarily shut down while it rebuilds. It can be denied coverage to its buildings that are damaged by wind, storms, or fire. Or it may insure against accidents to others. Many auto wrecks have policies that provide large limits of coverage. We recently won such a case at the Kentucky Supreme Court (Nichols v Zurich) injuries caused by a business’s employees often are covered by these policies, including trip and falls, theft, water damage to others from busted pipes, or structures that collapse. These commercial policies can cover bars that overserve patrons, or oil and gas operators that trespass on property. Call Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers to get the payment you paid for. We represent the policyholders or, in other cases, the claimant who has been injured and has a claim.

Auto Wrecks, Slip And Falls And Personal Injuries

When you have been injured, whether it is a car wreck, slip and fall, or any kind of accident, don’t you always want an insurance company to pay you for your losses? We do insurance. We know the “ins and outs” of how insurance companies operate because we have studied their confidential paperwork for decades. Because we are one of the premiere bad faith law firms, we have obtained court orders that have given us access to hundreds of confidential claim files from nearly every insurance company. We have read the adjusters personnel and know what motivates them. These industry secrets are not known by other lawyers.

We fought and obtained a record jury verdict in trip and fall against K-Mart and a 15-million-dollar verdict in an insurance bad faith case. We represent people injured by defective products, including medical devices.


Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our practice, but our clients trust and recommend us because we treat them like family. CALL US TODAY (800) 249-3731 to talk to a Kentucky ERISA disability insurance attorney.


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“Bartley is working on my case every one I have talked to is extremely nice he sends emails or mails something keeping me up dated when you talk to him he explains it to where you can understand I'm very satisfied with what he has done and what he is doing for me would advise anyone to contact him for your needs” S. A.
"With everything to lose I laid my vulnerability in the hands of Bartley Hagerman. I cannot put into words the hard work, dedication, and compassion that I was shown. Bartley was able to help me when the odds were stacked against me. I am beyond grateful!" C. W.
"When my long term disability case got canceled, I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. Luckily someone I knew recommended Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers. I met up with Mr. Bartley Hagerman and not only did he take my case, he got my long term disability reinstated. He keeps you updated and works hard for you! Highly recommend Mr. Bartley Hagerman at Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers!" D. C.
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