Has your insurance company paid for damage to your building or outdoor structure (home or business)? According to a recent Tennessee Supreme Court ruling, you may be entitled to additional compensation. 

The Tennessee Supreme Court recently ruled that a property insurer improperly withheld certain costs from homeowners property insurance payments to Tennessee policyholders. We are currently investigating claims against all insurance companies in Tennessee who may also have improperly withheld costs from claim payments.

If your insurance company has paid a claim for damage to your home, business, or other building in the last two years, we would like to talk to you about whether you may be owed additional money.


Please call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-249-3731, or complete the form below for a free claim evaluation. There is no cost or obligation to you.

The attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Trial Lawyers, PLLC prosecute lawsuits against insurance companies in many states for improper payment of property insurance claims. We have broad experience representing insurance policyholders and other consumers in trial and appellate courts nationwide.

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