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COVID-19 Update on Office Operations

Effective immediately, due to COVID-19 and government recommendations, our office will be closed to the public until further notice, unless you have confirmed a time to meet with someone in our office directly. However, we will continue to provide the highest level of legal services to our current clients and potential clients.

If you have a meeting scheduled with one of our attorneys in the next few weeks, we will likely contact you about rescheduling.

If you are seeking legal assistance or consultation, please contact us via phone at 800-249-3731, or contact one of our attorneys or staff directly via email at:

Austin Mehr, Attorney | amehr@austinmehr.com Philip Fairbanks, Attorney | pgf@austinmehr.com Erik Peterson, Attorney | edp@austinmehr.com Bartley Hagerman, Attorney | bkh@austinmehr.com Elizabeth Thornsbury, Attorney | elizabeth@austinmehr.com Suzy Hall, Paralegal | shall@austinmehr.com Katelynn Nolen, Paralegal | knolen@austinmehr.com

We will continue to monitor developments and make changes as necessary. For updates to our availability, please follow us on Facebook. For your safety, as well as the safety of others, please heed the recommendations of health officials.

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