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You have paid Hartford Insurance a premium every month for your disability coverage. You always thought that you would be taken care of if you ever became disabled. Now, a life-changing event has happened, and you find yourself unable to work. You file a disability claim with Hartford Insurance Company and wait for weeks, but the disability check never comes. The Hartford then sends you a notice that they have denied your disability claim.


This is the scenario that plays out for many Hartford disability policyholders. If this is you, now is the time to call one of our Lexington disability attorneys to review your claim. Don’t give up because your claim has been denied. Call us, we’ll fight to get you paid.

About Hartford Insurance Disability Claims

The Hartford Insurance company is a mega-insurance company, and like all insurance companies, the Hartford is committed to one thing: Making a profit. Unfortunately, when it comes to disability insurance, the Hartford does not profit from paying claims. Like most insurance companies, the Hartford Insurance Company often creates obstacles to dodge and hurdles to overcome before it will pay a disability claim. These obstacles and hurdles are designed to trip you up and give them cause to deny your disability claim. This is known as acting in bad faith.

Unfortunately, disability insurance companies, like Hartford, sometimes act in bad faith.


Common red flags of possible illegitimate claim delays or denials are:

  • Requests for independent medical examinations by doctors in the wrong specialty

  • Massive requests for duplicative claim documentation

  • Denials that are not accompanied by any real explanations or evidentiary proof

  • Failing to make a claim decision within a reasonable amount of time

  • Failing to relate relevant policy and benefits information to the claimant (or person filing the claim), etc.

If any of those things sound familiar or if the Hartford has wrongfully denied your disability claim, call us. Our team of Kentucky bad faith disability insurance lawyers has the knowledge and experience necessary to force the Hartford to pay you what you deserve.

Don’t Let Hartford Insurance Bully You!

Insurance companies will try to make you think that they have the final word on whether they will pay your claim. But, now you know that they are not all powerful. The Hartford disability insurance policy is a contract whereby you agree to pay a monthly premium in exchange for the Hartford paying you a disability benefit if you become disabled.


We don’t let the Hartford push our clients around. So, if The Hartford has denied your claim, contact us. We’ll fight to get you paid.


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