Northwestern Mutual Claim Denied Attorney Kentucky

If Northwestern Mutual denied your disability claim, you are not alone. Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company became a Fortune 500 company, with profits exceeding $800 million a year by denying claims.

Insurance companies like Northwestern Mutual routinely deny long-term disability claims by setting a very high standard for the claimant to hit before they qualify under their policies. They will frequently deny first-time claims without good cause knowing that many people will just give up. Often the appeals process is so onerous that those folks who attempt to appeal are denied simply because they couldn’t understand all of the requirements of the appeal. This is why you need a qualified disability bad faith insurance attorney on your side.

The experienced disability bad faith insurance attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Trial Lawyers, won’t let Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company push you around. We are well known by big nationwide disability insurance companies. They know when we take your case the games will have to stop. We will pursue your claim aggressively and fight to get you paid.

Despite Northwestern Mutual’s financial health, people with legitimate short- or long-term disability claims often receive a denial letter when they attempt to collect on their insurance policy. It seems that Northwestern claims examiners simply have too high a standard for determining what counts as a disability under its own policies.

Proving Your Disability Claim with Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company

Northwestern Mutual provides both group and individual disability benefits. They have their doctors and nurses who work with claims examiners to review your disability claim. They are trained to look for anything that may disqualify you from coverage so that Northwestern Mutual can avoid paying your claim. They will comb through your medical records looking for any notation made by your doctor that may justify denying your disability claim. Our skilled disability bad faith insurance attorneys know how to prove your claim and will fight back when your disability claim has been wrongfully denied.

Our disability bad faith insurance attorneys can help when Northwestern Mutual:

  • Unreasonably denied or delayed your individual or group disability benefits

  • Underpaid your valid claim for disability benefits

  • Violated your rights and applicable insurance regulations under ERISA

  • Refused to fully evaluate all available medical evidence to determine your eligibility for benefits

  • Evaluated whether you are disabled under an “own occupation” policy or “any occupation” policy based on an incorrect job description

  • Interpreted your “own occupation” policy as an “any occupation” policy instead

  • Failed to consider the specific requirements of your occupation in determining whether you are disabled, rather than the general duties of someone in your profession

You Don’t Have To Take On Northwestern Mutual Alone

The disability bad faith attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Trial Lawyers stand with if Northwestern Mutual wrongfully denies your disability claim. You don’t need to be concerned about how you will pay for a disability attorney, we won’t charge you a dime until we win your case. Call us today.


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