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Our Case Types

Disabled and can’t work? A claim denial notice for your disability claim can be devastating. An experienced long-term disability lawyer can help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

ERISA disability claims can be extremely difficult when the insurance company has denied your benefits. Don’t give up. Our ERISA disability lawyers will take on the insurance giants for you.

You paid the insurance company for years. Now, when you really need the benefits, your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied or delayed. Our Kentucky bad faith insurance attorneys can help.

Life insurance companies notoriously deny claims. A life insurance claim denial can make this time even more difficult. An experienced life insurance lawyer can help you get paid.

Has your homeowners insurance been wrongfully denied? Our homeowners insurance lawyers can also help homeowners insurance policy holders when their insurance company has unreasonably delayed paying a property damage claim.

Has your commercial – business insurance claim been denied? Our business insurance bad faith lawyers will tell you not to take “no” for an answer. Commercial or business insurance is a necessity for businesses large and small.

Our experienced class action attorneys represent consumers, employees, small businesses, shareholders and people like you in class action lawsuits against insurance companies, businesses and other entities that have committed fraud, denied claims, sold dangerous products or committed other wrongs against a group or “class” of individuals.

Car wrecks, medical mishaps, and falls can frequently devastate a family. In those circumstances, the injured party has a right to sue the negligent person or company. The injured party can recover medical expenses, lost wages, damage to future earning capacity, and pain and suffering damages.