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Seizure Disorder Disability Claims Denial


Millions of Americans are affected by a Seizure disorder. The symptoms of seizure disorders very greatly from individual to individual, depending on the underlying cause of the seizures. In many cases, symptoms of seizure disorders are so severe that the person afflicted with the condition is unable to work. Long-term disability insurance companies are particularly indifferent to people with seizure disorders. This indifference seems to stem from their belief that most people with seizure disorders can hold down a job and provide for themselves. This often results in the denial of claims for people with seizure disorders.

If you are filed a long-term disability claim due to your seizure disorder and it has been denied, call us. We take on the big insurance companies and fight for the benefits you deserve.

How Seizures Can Disrupt a Person’s Abilities

Most seizures are due to a neurological condition causing a disruption of normal electrical brain activity. The result of this disruption can range from complete loss of consciousness to a slight fainting spell. Falling, violent jerking or twitching, drooling, muscle stiffness, or complete muscular rigidity are all characteristic of seizure disorders. Seizures can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, often leaving seizure patients with severe headaches, confusion, fatigue, and muscle soreness. Often people with seizure disorders suffer head injuries, bruises, cuts, and broken bones as a result of falling or violence convulsions.

Treatment for Seizure Disorders

Medication and other treatments for seizure disorders can be effective and reduce or eliminate the occurrences of seizures for many people. However, for some people the symptoms of their seizure disorder are severe enough that even with medication they cannot work, operate a vehicle or even take public transportation without assistance. Clearly, earning a living for someone who has developed a seizure condition is challenging at best and impossible at worst.

Types of Seizure Disorders

In some cases, people may experience only one seizure in their lifetime. A single seizure or in frequent seizures may not qualify as a disabling seizure disorder. However, when a person has chronic recurring seizures, combined with an inability to work due to seizures, they will likely qualify for long-term disability benefits.

Common Causes Of Seizure Disorders:

  • Epilepsy (the most common cause of seizure disability)
  • Stroke
  • Meningitis or other infection involving brain tissue
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Low blood sugar
  • Kidney or liver failure
  • Low sodium in the blood
  • Low levels of calcium
  • Brain tumor
  • Birth defects
  • Heredity
  • Environmental hazards

Long Term Disability Claims for Seizure Disorder

Long-term disability claims for seizure disorders are routinely denied by insurance carriers who argue that the seizure disorder is not truly disabling. If you and your doctor have determined that you cannot work as a result of a seizure disorder, and your long-term disability insurance carrier has denied your claim, call us immediately. The sooner you get a long-term disability insurance attorney working for you, the sooner you will begin receiving benefits from your long-term disability insurance. Don’t try to take on the big insurance by yourself. We take on the big insurance companies for you and fight till we get the benefits you deserve.

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