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MFPTL’s Results of Carnegie Center Fundraiser


Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson teamed up with The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning to raise money for their tutoring services. You can read more about the fundraising project here.

Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson promised to match up to $10,000 of any contribution made to the fundraiser. Thanks to several thoughtful donors, MFPTL was able to donate the full $10,000 amount. Pictured below are members of the MFPTL staff and members of The Carnegie Center staff exchanging the $10,000 check, while staying socially distanced. Combined with MFPTL’s contribution, the fundraising campaign raised a total of $26,270 for The Carnegie Center’s tutoring program.

At Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson, we strive to help the community in any way that we can, whether that’s by settling cases for our clients or donating to a fundraiser that is important to our team to help students in our area. We are dedicating to helping you!

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