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Getting Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Anxiety Disorders


Individuals suffering from anxiety disability face each day as a challenge. Because anxiety is difficult to measure medically and objectively, victims of anxiety disorders are often denied when they attempt to claim disability benefits. Many of the people we help suffer from anxiety disorders are fighting desperately to make sense of their lives.

Different kinds of anxiety disorders exist: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and phobias.

Anxiety may be a person’s main disturbance. Anxiety may also be the result of a person trying to overcome symptoms. For example, when someone with a phobic disorder tries to confront their terrible, yet irrational, fear of a situation or object – severe anxiety results.

Getting Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Anxiety Disorders

In our practice, we routinely deal with long term disability insurance carriers who deny claims for anxiety disability. The insurance company may disagree with your doctor’s diagnosis as one of many tactics to avoid paying disability benefits. Instead, they have their own physicians or psychiatrists working for them who will find that you are able to work.

To make a mental health claim on your disability insurance policy, it is crucial that you can show that the severity of your condition prohibits your ability to work. Your disability policy may have a clause that specifically describes claims for mental disorders.

LTD policies frequently try to enforce a 24-month cap on mental impairments. If they have awarded short-term disability, when it runs out they may claim you are able to return to work, or otherwise no longer qualified for benefits.

Lawyers who are not familiar with disability insurance – both private and group disability policies – rarely understand all that must be proved, the timeframes that must be followed, and what the insurance companies are up to, in order to successfully appeal and win a denied claim for anxiety-related disability benefits.

Disability Insurance for Anxiety Disability

As part of an assessment, you will be evaluated whether your anxiety disability results in a complete lack of ability to function independently outside of your home. You will be assessed for overall ability, or lack of ability, to carry out basic work-related activities. You must be able to show that your symptoms will last at least 12 months.

It is very important that you have medically documented findings of your diagnosis and symptoms, with a precise description of the job duties that produce anxiety. The documentation must report the level of inability to:

  • perform normal activities of daily living
  • interact socially
  • concentrate for longs periods
  • function intellectually
  • Testimony of friends, co-workers, employers and social workers regarding your performance and behavior are also considered.

To maximize your chances of winning a disability claim appeal, it is critical to use appeal attorneys experienced and knowledgeable with the process. Our attorneys are board certified in disability. We are here to help you gather and prepare all the necessary documentation, give you unquestionable support, and present your case in the most advantageous way to win the disability benefits you deserve.

Do you have individual or group disability claim questions?

If you have filed or are preparing to file an individual or long-term disability insurance claim – or if your benefits have been wrongfully delayed or denied – Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers can help you retain your rights and benefits today by calling toll-free: 800-249-3731.

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