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Claiming Congestive Heart Failure as a Long-Term Disability


Congestive Heart Failure is a condition affecting millions of people in the United States each year. It can drain you of your energy and vitality making work impossible. Unfortunately, for some with this disabling condition, their lives are further complicated when their long-term disability benefits are denied.

If you have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure or other disabling condition and your long-term disability claim has been denied, call us. We will take on the insurance company and make them pay the benefits you need and deserve.

What is Congestive Heart Failure?

You can be diagnosed with congestive heart failure when your heart fails to pump as much blood as it should. When this occurs, your body is denied the proper amount of oxygenated blood. This sort of sluggishness causes blood to back up in the veins, causing fluid to collect in the lungs, arms, legs and feet.

As with all heart problems, this condition can be life threatening. Many forms of heart disease can damage the heart’s pumping ability, the most common is coronary artery disease. Other causes include damage from a previous heart attack, high blood pressure, and heart valve disease or infections.

Claiming Congestive Heart Failure as a Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability claims are examined by insurance company doctors. The insurance company’s doctors really only have one job; find a reason the deny the disability claim for congestive heart failure. The insurance company doctors may review your claim and recommend that it be denied for a number of reasons. Most commonly, a disability claim will be denied for lack of medical records supporting your claim. So, you want to make sure that you get it right the first time you file a disability claim. Make sure that you have your complete medical record from each doctor treating you and any doctor who has rendered a second opinion.

Your claim may also be denied because they insurance company doctors find that you still have the capacity to work. They will point to their guidelines that say if your tests do not meet a certain standard, you still have the ability to work. However, if your doctor has recommended that you stop working, the insurance company should pay your disability claim. If they do not, call us. We’ll take on the insurance company and make them pay.

The name of the game with insurance companies is create as many obstacles as possible with the hope you will just give up.

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We are prepared for these and other tactics disability insurance providers use to avoid paying claims. Here is one account of our firm overturning a claim denial for heart failure.

As your attorneys at Mehr Fairbanks Trial Lawyers, we go the extra mile to prepare an original LTD insurance claim that is set up for success. We will appeal a denied disability claim with the legal arguments needed to counter every wrong allegation submitted by the insurance company. Please give us a call toll free today at 800-249-3731.

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