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Elizabeth Thornsbury, one of the firm’s attorneys experienced in short- and long-term disability claims, received an Order in federal court against Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company on June 12, 2019. Judge Caldwell found that “Reliance Standard acted arbitrarily and capriciously in denying Asher’s appeal…” and that “the final denial decision was not the result of a ‘deliberate principled reasoning process.’”  The case was remanded to Reliance Standard to give our client’s claim “a full and fair review.”

Click here for a copy of the Order.


You need to know what are the common mistakes to watch out for in order to increase your chance of getting ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) long-term disability benefits.

Did you know that you may be eligible to claim long-term disability benefits under ERISA should you be unable to work because of sudden disability? You may actually also enjoy these benefits under an employer-sponsored group insurance plan. However, how you apply for the benefits is critical to get the best possible outcome. You cannot discount that the process in ERISA long-term disability benefits application is fraught with challenges and a simple oversight can adversely affect your chance to get the benefits. As such, it helps to know what to watch out. Even better, consulting an ERISA lawyer in Kentucky will be advantageous to you do not waste any time understanding the complicated process of ERISA benefits.

Avoid These ERISA Disability Missteps


Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP) – A plan in which the employer makes contributions on a tax-favored basis to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) owned by the employees. If certain conditions are met, the employer is not subject to the reporting and disclosure requirements of most retirement plans. Under a SEP, an IRA is set up by or for an employee to accept the employer’s contributions.

Is it possible to sue under ERISA?

Yes, you have a right to sue your plan and its fiduciaries to enforce or clarify your rights under ERISA and your plan in the following situations:


Our experienced ERISA Disability Lawyers in Kentucky will help you answer questions to your ERISA Disability needs.


A federal law known as ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) is a complicated and comprehensive law that sets minimum standards for retirement and welfare benefit plans in private industry. ERISA does the following:

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