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About Austin

Austin Mehr has tried more insurance bad faith cases to judgment than any other attorney in Kentucky.

Austin represents people in bad faith insurance and ERISA claims, who have been treated unfairly and who don't get their claims paid fairly or promptly by insurance companies. It happens all too often.


Austin lives downtown Lexington with his wife, Jill Hall, who is also an attorney.  They enjoy outdoor activities including skiing, boating, and cycling, and visiting their three children who live in Nashville, Colorado Springs, and Chicago. 


Austin is a volunteer board member of the Fayette County Bar Association Foundation, a nonprofit that manages and donates money to various community legal nonprofit organizations to help people in the central Kentucky community. 


He authored the published book “Bad Faith Insurance Law in Kentucky,” a book focusing on insurance law and the way insurance companies treated people, sometimes unfairly and in violation of our laws.


Austin has developed a law practice of 36 years, concentrating on representing individuals who have received unfair treatment on insurance claims.

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