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Disability insurance policies are contracts between the insurance company and policyholders. The contract creates rights and duties for both parties, the policyholder must pay a premium each month and the insurance company must pay any covered disability claim if the policyholder becomes disabled. But what happens when you have done your part for years, paying a premium every month, but the insurance company wrongfully denies your claim?


That is where we come in. The experienced bad faith insurance

attorneys of Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson, Trial Lawyers, help people when disability insurance companies like UNUM wrongfully deny your claim. Call us today.

Unum Disability Insurance Policies

Unum Group is a top disability insurance company in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Unum provides both individual and group disability coverage to hundreds of thousands of policyholders across the U.S. The policies may include short and long-term disability coverage for both individuals and employers.

Because insurance coverage can vary between disability insurance companies, policyholders need to carefully review and understand their coverage. Unum and other insurance companies fill their policies with confusing language and built-in wiggle room so that they can deny many disability claims. If you are considering filing a disability claim, you may want to contact an experienced Lexington ERISA attorney to review your policy and help you to understand your coverage.

Many policyholders have filed lawsuits against Unum alleging they were wrongfully denied their individual, short and long-term disability benefits. If Unum has denied your disability claim, give us a call. We’ll fight to get you paid.

An ERISA Attorney Can Help You

Many people give up when Unum denies their disability claim, but a claim denial does not mean you won’t receive the disability benefits you paid for. However, you can expect Unum to use every trick in the book to justify denying your claim.


Don’t take on Unum alone. Our experienced ERISA attorneys can review your claim, deal with the insurance company and fight to get you paid. Give us a call today. The consultation is free.


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