Prudential Insurance Claim Denied Attorney Kentucky

Insurance companies like Prudential have grown to be massive in size and financial resources. They did not get that way by paying claims like yours. The Prudential Insurance Company routinely denies disability claims, often for nothing more than a minor technicality. Then, they create an appeals process that is all one-sided and nearly impossible to win.


Why do they do this? The answer is simple because they can. They know that most people will give up without much of a fight. Their pockets are so deep that they can easily crush anyone who challenges them.


However, that is not true when you are represented by Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson, Trial Lawyers. We have the experience, knowledge and, most importantly, the financial resources to take on giant insurance companies like Prudential. Don’t give up. Call us, we’ll fight to get you paid.

About Prudential Disability Insurance

Prudential’s Long-Term Disability Insurance provides income protection if you become disabled. Simply put, it means that Prudential will pay a portion of your annual income if you become disabled and unable to work by a covered sickness or accidental disability.

One difference between long-term disability and short-term disability plans is the amount of time you can receive monthly disability payments. Prudential builds into their disability insurance policies many exclusions, things that they will not cover. Knowing these exclusions and understanding your disability insurance policy is a good way to avoid delay in benefits and wrongful denials.

The following circumstances are generally, categorically excluded by Prudential. You will not receive disability insurance benefits, for any period of disability, if your disability was caused by:

  • Any intentionally self-inflicted injury

  • Any war or act of war, including undeclared war

  • Active participation in a riot

  • Commission of a crime for which you have been convicted under state or federal law

Don’t Give Up if Prudential Denied Your Disability Claim

We know you are in a tough spot but now is not the time give up. If your disability claim has been denied by Prudential Insurance, you need an experienced ERISA attorney on your side. Please, don’t suffer a day longer than you need to, give us a call. We’re here to help.


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