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You’ve been paying a premium to MetLife Insurance for years when you suddenly become injured or sick and cannot work. You expect MetLife to honor your agreement and pay you the disability benefits you deserve, but instead, they are giving you the runaround.


Now, you have been weeks without work and without the disability benefits you need. Then, one day, you receive a letter from MetLife, expecting it to be a much-needed check, but you open it to find your disability claim has been denied.


Does this sound familiar? All too often disability insurance companies like MetLife operate this way. The question you probably have is, “what now?”


The answer is, pick up your phone and call the experienced disability attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson, Trial Lawyers. We know how to make MetLife play fair and we’ll fight to get you paid.

About MetLife insurance

Disability insurance should protect you if a covered disabling life event occurs. Insurance companies are required to treat policyholders in good faith in the aftermath of a disabling event—paying disability insurance benefits for rightful claims without delay or undue burden.

Unfortunately, the truth is that this doesn’t generally happen. Big insurance companies, like MetLife, understand they can increase their profits by delaying and denying legitimate disability insurance claims or by giving policyholders the runaround. Unfortunately, insurance companies act unreasonably more often than one might imagine.


Common red flags that indicate illegitimate claims delays or denials include:

  • Requests for independent medical examinations by unqualified physicians or reviewers

  • Massive requests for duplicative documentation

  • Failing to make a disability insurance claim decision within a reasonable amount of time

  • Minimizing objective and subjective medical evidence supporting disability

Insurers get away with this underhanded behavior when policyholders don’t fight back. By denying disability insurance claims outright or convincing policyholders to settle claims for less money, MetLife knows most people won’t put up much of a fight.

If you believe that Metropolitan Life has wrongfully delayed or denied your disability insurance claim, we can help. In the past, customers have accused Metropolitan Life (MetLife) of:

  • Failing to inform claimants about how to perfect their appeal options following denials

  • Wrongfully denying or terminating disability insurance benefits by relying on biased doctor reviews

  • Failure to pay disability insurance benefits based on the wrong occupational demands

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