If your business insurance policy covers loss of business income and your claim filed under COVID-19 has been denied, you may be entitled to compensation.


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We are currently investigating wrongful denials of COVID-19 business interruption claims by many insurance companies, including Erie Insurance Exchange. If your claim was denied, or you have questions about submitting a claim for your business, call us at 800-249-3731 or complete the form below for a free consultation.

Here is a Complaint we recently filed for a client against Erie Insurance Exchange. As alleged in the Complaint, Erie denied the business interruption claim filed by our client, a chiropractic clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. The clinic was required to shut down by an order issued by the state that impacted all chiropractors and most other medical practices. Many other businesses have been impacted by similar state orders in Kentucky and nationwide. 

Erie denied coverage for our client's loss, despite issuing a policy to our client that does not contain an exclusion for losses caused by viruses. In contrast to some other insurance companies' policies that specifically attempt to exclude coverage for losses caused by viruses. Erie's policy does not.

Please call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-249-3731, or complete the form below for a free claim evaluation. There is no cost or obligation to you.

The attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Trial Lawyers, PLLC prosecute lawsuits against insurance companies for improper payment of business insurance claims and for bad faith insurance practices. We have broad experience representing insurance policyholders and other consumers in trial and appellate courts nationwide.

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