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We know how major disability insurance companies operate. We have helped hundreds of our clients take on insurance giants like CIGNA and LINA to get the compensation they deserve.


We routinely handle bad faith claim disputes for individual and group appeals involving disability insurance. Our experienced disability insurance attorneys and ERISA lawyers fight every day to help people when their insurance companies wrongful delay or deny their claims.


If your disability insurance company wrongfully delayed or denied your disability claim, or if the insurance company is giving you the run-around, call us. We’ll get you paid. The consultation is free.

How to Determine if Your CIGNA/LINA Disability Claim Has Been Wrongfully Denied
There is no easy checklist to determine if CIGNA/LINA wrongfully denied your disability claim. Bad faith is often determined by a series of actions on the part of CIGNA/LINA. The one sure thing you will know is that your claim has been denied or delayed. If your CIGNA/LINA claim has been denied or delayed consult our experienced Lexington disability insurance bad faith lawyers.

Most major insurance carriers, including CIGNA/LINA, are known to employ tactics to delay, deny, devalue, and terminate valid disability coverage claims. These can include:

  • Requiring an unreasonably lengthy in-home field interview or claims review by a CIGNA/LINA investigator before payment

  • Presenting exhaustive requests for occupational, financial or medical records while delaying the receipt of timely disability benefits

  • Requesting an Independent Medical Exam (IME) by an unqualified doctor or a paper review by a doctor chosen by the CIGNA/LINA with poor credentials or marginal training

  • Questioning your doctor independently, without notifying you, via a mailed questionnaire or by phone to secure an admission that you are capable of some form of work

These are just a few of the many bad faith practices that insurance companies use to delay or deny legitimate disability claims. Our disability insurance attorneys have the experience to properly evaluate your claim and examine the conduct of CIGNA/LINA to determine if they acted in bad faith. We understand your situation and may be able to help you force the insurance company to pay.

Experienced Kentucky Disability Insurance Lawyers for CIGNA/LINA Disability Claims
Not every disability insurance denial is wrongful or grounds for a lawsuit, but CIGNA and LINA have demonstrated bad faith behavior before. Even having been sued for it many times, their behavior continues.


If your disability claim has been denied by CIGNA or LINA, you need an experienced Lexington disability insurance lawyer to help you get paid. Give us a call. We are on your side.


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