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As experienced bad faith insurance lawyers, we know that, perhaps today more than ever, insurance policies are a part of life. We insure our cars, boats, homes, jobs, health, personal assets and lives.

It is not unusual for an individual to have 10 separate insurance policies – some required by law. And when insurance companies hold up their end of the bargain, they are literally life-savers! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.​


Insurance companies are required to act in “good faith” when dealing with an insured person (covered by the policy). What this means is that insurance companies cannot unreasonably delay payment of your claim or wrongfully deny your claim. However, insurance companies do not always play by the rules. In fact, it is common for them to deny a claim initially knowing that many people will not pursue it further even though their insurance claim was perfectly valid. When your claim has been wrongfully denied or the insurance company has unreasonably delayed payment of your claim, this is called “bad faith," and you need the help of an experienced bad faith insurance attorney to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.


An insurance policy is considered a contract between you (the insured) and your insurance carrier (the insurer). This contract creates a special relationship between you and your insurance company that requires your insurance company to act in good faith toward you. Sometimes reminding the insurance company of this is enough to persuade them to hold up their end of the deal, but in most cases, you will need an experienced bad faith insurance attorney to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bad Faith Insurance

What are some examples of "bad faith insurance" claims?

There are many examples of how an Insurer can commit bad faith:

  • failing to promptly and thoroughly investigate a claim;

  • unreasonably delaying payment;

  • unreasonably denying benefits to a claimant;

  • using unreasonable interpretations in translating policy language; and

  • refusing to settle the case or reimburse you for the entirety of your loss.

Can punitive damages be awarded in a bad faith insurance case?

With the help of an experienced Kentucky bad faith insurance lawyer, you may be able to force the insurance company to pay all covered losses under your policy including attorney fees. However, if it is demonstrated that the insurance company denied your claim in a dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent manner, punitive damages can be awarded in addition to compensation for the loss under the policy.  Punitive damages punish insurance companies for bad faith actions to deter similar conduct by the insurer in the future. 

How much does it cost to hire an experienced bad faith insurance attorney?

Our experienced bad faith insurance lawyers have the financial ability to carry all of the costs of your bad faith case until a result has been achieved. You will not be charged a dime unless we achieve results for you, and the insurance company has paid. Because there are no out-of-pocket fees upfront, there is no reason for you to take on the insurance company alone.

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Don't Find Yourself in a Crisis

If you have ever needed to file a significant claim with an insurance company then, you already know how tough it is to take them on alone. When an insurance claim has been denied, it almost always causes the insured some kind of crisis. Maybe your homeowners insurance claim was denied, and you need the insurance money to rebuild your family home. Maybe your business insurance claim was denied, and you are about to lose your livelihood without the insurance settlement. Whatever the reason, call us now. We will take on the insurance company for you, so that you can get out of crisis mode.


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